Sunday, January 20, 2008

Palestine Byte ... A Candle for Gaza | شمعة من أجل غزة

A Candle for Gaza | شمعة من أجل غزة

A Call For Humanity,

Gaza is living in the dark, Help as much as you can.

نداء للإنسانية،

غزة تعيش في الظلام، افعل ما بإمكانك للمساعدة.


عـلا - من غـزة said...

just i thought .. and i wonder ..

do u think that anything can be done ?!


Hamza said...

I don't know why its a big deal.

At least playing Ghomediah will be fun now :D

Isam said...

3ola : i don't know ... but if there isn't something for us to do then we better die sa7 ?

hamza : do u have any idea what a hospital without electricity is ? do you have an idea what winter without heating is ? thats the big deal man ... i thought you're one of the good guys i hope u just expressed yourself in a wrong way ...

Dandoon said...

Hamza... the blackout in Toronto in the SUMMER time was fun, because we all fired up the barbeqe and ate up all the icecream before it melts.
But n Gaza, little souls are starving, shivering, and scared. Sick people are dying in hospitals. and more are has already died WAITING to cross the border to Egypt.
Borders are not only closed in the way of patience, but also FUELS,FOOD,WATER, and monetary support probably.
They don't play hide and seek. They are just calling the world to SEEK help.

Hamza said...

isam & dandoon - guys, take it easy. I really feel sorry for them. I was just joking.

Noura said...

الله يفرجها عليهم و علينا يا رب و هو قادر على كل ظالم

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