Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Saudi Byte ... Red means stop

Just your dosage of regular shit from the kingdom of lunacy.

I avoid going out on V-day and the couple of days before it to stay out of all th fuss.

Thank God for the internet.


Anonymous said...

Sooo it's true !!
It was the headlines here yesterday:"Clamping on Valentine", I thought may be they are exagerating the news as they usually do with anything coming from that side of the world !!!
Tayyeb iza ala7mar mamnou3, gheir alwan masmou7a??
yalla basseeta,have a quite valentine :)

Isam said...

Noura believe me they sugarcoat things ... this country is totally crazy ... i cant feel surprised about anything i hear about here anymore ...

thanks for stopping by ... you're a loyal fan ;)

KJ said...

it is surprising they put this claim and say that is fosters extra-marital relations.

Yeah, like people wait for valentine to have an extra marital relation