Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cartoon Byte ... Palestanic

Another Creative cartoon from Emad Hajjaj ... I really think he's one of the most talented Cartoonists in the world. This cartoon is full of symbols ... think about it ...


عـلا - من غـزة said...


اخدت بالك كيف السفينة مرسومة على شكل الخريطة ؟؟؟

طيب ابومازن وهيو موجود .. طب وين هنية :p

كتير مبدع هالأبو محجوب

عنجد كتير حلوة

manutdfanatic said...


Isam said...

3ola : etalla3e 3ala ma7al 3'azze bel 5areeta betshoofe Haneyye :)

Manutdfanatic : why would u do such a thing ?? ;)

Hamza said...

I already saw 4 symbols.

But I gotta admit, I missed the fact that the ship is the map of palestine..lool

manutdfanatic said...

Lol. Hmm.....let's see.....maybe because you told us to? :P


Isam said...

Hamza : i dont know how i missed ur comment man ... but then u cant blame me u missed that the ship is palestine's map ... call it even ?

Mantudfanatic : i'm the dummy now ?? and people who i tell think and they think without hesitation are what ? :P btw i gained like 3 kgs off Krispy Kreme since it opened ... no sign of man utd fan there ;)

manutdfanatic said...

They're NICE OBEDIENT people. Not dummies, unlike "some" people who tell them to think and forget all about it later.

Oh, and we Manchester United fans are hard to find; we have to stay undercover you know, 'cause of the paparazzi and everything. :P

Going there this Wednesday; go gain an extra kilogram.

Isam said...

Manutdfanatic : i will for sure :) who can resist gaining extra weight ???