Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jordan Byte ... The Rift with Qatar coming to a closure ?

There is no denying that the meeting between King Abdullah II of Jordan and the Prime minister of Qatar in Amman yesterday along with new directives to the Jordanian Government for further cooperation with Qatar could be seen as a sign to the looming end of the drift in relations between the two countries. Problems which surfaced through recent years were mainly caused by Aljazeerah controversial shows, The Hamas issue and Qataris voting agianst Prince Zaid bin Raa’d in the preliminarily elections for the post of UN Secretary General last year.

As the issue of the UN Secretary General subsided, the tone in Aljazeerah programs faded and the implications of Hamas’s riots in Gaza on international scene which made Qatar reconsider their position towards Hamas; observers can see a new dawn in the relationships between the two states where more efforts are needed to resolve more important issues in the regions such as Iraq and Iran.

This can be good news for a lot of Jordanians living in Qatar where it is rumored that they are not being treated equally as the rest of Arab residents, not failing to mention that it re-opens the doors for Qatari businessmen to invest in Jordan.


Hamza said...

and opens career opportunities for jordanians to work there. I bet you are already looking for a job there. :P

Isam said...

Hamza : I am a man who knows what he wants :) should i mention you ?? :P