Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Funny Byte ... Achmed The Dead Terrorist

Silence ... I KILL YOU ...

This Video is one of the funniest things I've seen ... make sure you watch it over and over ... If you are at work and can't control your laughs I suggest you watch it at home ...

Enjoy !


Noura said...

This guy is very talented and this particular act is one of the best..
What's funny is I watched it so many times before and I just noticed the skeleton's thick eybrows and beard ..loool

and welcome back :)

Hamza said...

"if you are my 72 virgins, then I am screeeeeeeeeewed"

that was one of the most hilarious scenes

Isam said...

Noura : the eyebrows are half the act :)

baytek o matra7ek :)

Hmaza : i really couldnt stop laughing the 1st time i saw it ... and it was at work and i leave the rest to ur imagiantion :)

Maher said...

OH NO!! saba2tne ! i was so close to postiing this one!
you need to watch his other charecters ! they are so funny!!!! soo funny! you can find them on youtube also! w