Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Funny Byte ... حكمة على مستوى التريكس

هذه الحكمة ينصح بها للعيبة التريكس من غير ضعاف القلوب و الحوامل

في ناس بتخاف اتدبل الشيخ ... بس الشيخ ما بيخاف يدبل الناس

و اللي رزقه يرزقنا

من ناااار يا حبيبي من ناااااار


Dandoon said...

khaleena bel trix wel ashya2 ele 3a
go get yourself a double wopper today..wala tez3al...3eesh
i am going to get a double shot of nescafe now...

Hamza said...

hada amma yedabel heik bye3mal..lakan shu biseer iza tarnabhom?:P

Isam said...

Dandoon : 7atta trix mesh 3am nel3ab ma fe rabe3 :(

Hamza : ana ma ele da5al enta elle 7aket :)

Hamza said...

looooooooooooooooooooooooool. me and my other 2 friends haven't played tarneeb or TRIX in a loooong time because we don't have a rabe3.

so hanging out in similar places, interest in camping trips and not having a 4th to play cards with...what else? I guess we'll be desined to meet sooner than later. ;)

Isam said...

Hamza : i dont see any problem with that ... i might have sth to do this weekend but if i dont i will contact u ... so till then :)

KJ said...

Ameen ya rab

LoooL @ the trix thing. Hahaha I was never able to play it. I can't memorize what cards went down